Three Hilarious Highlights Of ‘NBA Defense’ Brought To You By The Perpetually Confused James Harden And Dwight Howard

Weekends get understandably busy. Some of us have obligations, whether they’re excruciatingly painful trips to the store or simply out with the bros — regardless — it’s easy to miss a play for two. So, for whatever reason you may have missed the abomination that has become the Houston Rockets, I’m here to catch you up on the vomitus mess that is this exceedingly lazy team.

And it comes in three, mind-numbingly plays. Enjoy!

I just can’t get over this one. Too tired? Sensitive nipples that fear troubling contact?

Unreal. Fine ’em for this shit. TODAY.

Then there’s this beauty, where Dwight Howard is basically saying “to your table, fine sir”:

And then, to cap things off, let’s watch James Harden do nothing. Again.

It’s almost as if he really, really wants to help, but alas he cannot because his feet have been locked to the floor by some vengeful, unknown soul.

So funny and so sad, but mostly funny. Whoever thought James Harden and Dwight Howard would create a “super team” had to be the same people who thought the sequel to CaddyShack was a genius idea.

Oh, and then there’s this:

The Lakers might be awful, but this is the NBA’s most embarrassing dumpster fire. And it’s not close.