James Harden’s Eyes Are As Red As The Devil’s D, Yet Some Warriors Think He’s Faking The Nasty Injury

James Harden's eye injury is nasty, but some Golden State Warriors players think he's faking

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James Harden doesn’t quite look like himself right now. After getting nailed in the eyes by Draymond Green during Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs series between his Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors, the reigning NBA MVP has bloodshot eyes that look like he took a damn punch to the face from Mike Tyson back in the day. Sure, the whole thing was an accident, but the result was still gnarly. Hell, even two days later James Harden was still showing nasty signs of the direct hit from Green.

While it’s pretty clear as day that James Harden is hurting, a few Warriors players aren’t so sure. That’s because, in a video piece by Chris Haynes for Yahoo! Sports, some in Golden State’s locker room are downplaying Harden’s eye injury, with several guys even going as far as saying that he’s faking it. Take a look below at what Haynes had to report on the situation.

“There are some players in that (Warriors) locker room that are not buying the whole James Harden eye being extremely hurt thing. They were talking about some of the shots he was shooting during the game then when he goes to the free throw line and squinting like he can’t see.”

Does anyone have any guess as to which Golden State players might be saying this? Let’s just go out on a limb and nominate Draymond Green as the culprit, because that dude will go to unbelievable lengths to troll opponents. How anyone could ever think that Harden’s faking this is just absurd, because the proof is in the photos.

The good news for James Harden and the Rockets is that, despite the nasty injury, there isn’t any cornea damage, which was revealed after further tests were done on his eyes over the past couple of days. Even though Harden described things as being “pretty blurry right now” the other day, the All-Star plans on suiting up and being ready to go come Game 3. How effective he’ll be is left to be seen — pun intended.

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