A Former UNC Star Went On A Profane Rant At Tar Heels Fans After Wednesday’s Game

Jason Capel coach pittsburgh vs north carolna

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Wednesday night, the University of Pittsburgh earned a hard fought win, 65-64, over the North Carolina Tar Heels at Chapel Hill.

The Panthers are coached by former Duke basketball star Jeff Capel. On his staff as an assistant is his brother Jason Capel, who played at North Carolina from 1998 to 2002.

Jason Capel led the Tar Heels in scoring in his senior year and helped lead the team to the NCAA Final Four in 2000. He is also one of only nine players to ever start for North Carolina in all four years of his eligibility.

So he believes he has earned a little respect on the UNC campus – respect he feels he was not getting in the lead up to Wednesday night’s game.

After the victory, Jason Capel could be heard going on a profane rant at Tar Heels fans, reports Mitchell Northam of WUNC Radio.

“Y’all gonna disrespect me? All I did for this program? Y’all gonna boo me? I held this sh-t together when Matt Doherty tore it apart. F–k that sh-t,” Capel reportedly shouted at North Carolina fans.

In the post-game press conference, Jason Capel’s brother Jeff addressed the outburst.

“Since he’s left here (North Carolina), there’s been a lot of disrespect towards him,” Jeff Capel told the assembled media.

Capel then said that one thing that set his brother Jason off was a tweet posted by Carolina Basketball on Wednesday that he felt was “trolling” him.

25 is Jason Capel’s old uniform number.

“It’s a complicated relationship with him and North Carolina. He loves it, but I think at times he doesn’t feel that back,” he continued.

Jeff added that the animosity really began in 2009 when he was the head coach at Oklahoma. They were facing North Carolina in the Final Four and Jason wore an OU shirt to support his brother. He claims Tar Heels fans were “pretty sh-tty” towards him.

Many North Carolina fans didn’t see things quite the same way Jason Capel does.

“Jason Capel thinking he owns the number 25 at UNC and thinking he held the program together tells me all I need to know about why that team he was on went off the rails,” another fan tweeted.

“If I was a UNC fan, I would be selling t-shirts with ‘I was a big deal in (crossed out 2002) 2001’ on the front and 25 on the back,” someone else suggested.