There Is Growing Speculation That Jason Garrett Could Get Promoted To Front Office Role By The Dallas Cowboys

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Could Jason Garrett actually stay with the Dallas Cowboys for another season? It might seem like a bananas scenario to fans who want him out after a more than mediocre tenure as head coach, but it is looking more and more like he is going to be with the organization in 2020 and beyond.

In the past week, Garrett has met twice with the Jones family after the regular season ended and he’s set to meet with them for a third time at an undisclosed time to discuss his future with the team.

According to various reports, people within the organization are starting to believe Garrett could get promoted to a front-office role by the Jones family.

Via Mike Fisher of Sports Illustrated

There is a theory making the rounds that the reason “The Long Goodbye” to Jason Garrett has been so time-consuming is that the Jones family might want to promote Garrett to a prominent position in the Dallas Cowboys front office.

There is a logical reason that shouldn’t happen: That would mean Jerry and Stephen give a promotion to someone who ultimately did not succeed … and would be rewarded for not succeeding.

As of now, it seems like no one is sure what’s going to happen with Garrett and when the team will make a decision on his future.