Reader Email: ‘Jason Pierre Paul Foreshadowed His Own Future on Instagram’

By now, most everyone knows that New York Giants defensive end, Jason Pierre Paul had a fireworks accident that blew a substantial chunk of his hand off. As the saying that really isn’t a saying goes…”You play with explosives, you’re going to get exploded.

While the situation is very tragic — you never want to see that happen to anyone (terrorists not included) — a BroBible reader just sent us a tip suggesting that Jason Pierre Paul foreshadowed his own demise on Instagram.

Per reader email:

“Bored at work and decided to check out JPP’s Instagram in hope for something funny. I found this gem from 4 weeks ago…”

I’m not sure if that post is foreshadowing of a hand explosion or just a really shitty coincidence, but whatever it is I bet he’s singing a different tune now because there’s no God in the sky that’s going magically grow him a new finger. That’s for goddamn sure.