Jason Witten Got A Football Covered In Diamonds As A Retirement Gift From Jerry Jones

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Jason Witten took home over $72 million over the course of his NFL career before deciding to step off the playing field and into the broadcast booth next year for Monday Night Football. There, he’ll have the chance to make even more money in a situation where the only real risk of concussion comes from a punt gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Witten played for the Dallas Cowboys for 15 seasons on his way to becoming one of the most dominant tight ends of all-time, and while he had previously signed a contract with the team until 2021, he eventually decided to rethink his decision. However, based on a farewell gift he received from Jerry Jones, the organization isn’t holding any hard feelings against him.

On Thursday, Witten attended a retirement ceremony in his honor and TMZ revealed Jones decided to ditch the more traditional crystal anniversary gift for something a little showier: a football covered in diamonds.

It’s so nice to know Witten will have something he can pawn if things end up going really, really far south for him at some point. The football might have stolen the show, but it wasn’t the only notable aspect of the ceremony.

A number of people noticed Witten arrived at the event sporting a surprisingly full head of hair compared to what he typically looks like with his helmet off, which was… um… this:

jason witten thinning hair

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Here’s a video for comparison:

I guess getting to write them off as a business expense is as good of a reason to get hair plugs as any. I look forward to seeing Witten and his impeccably quaffed hair in the booth this season.

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