Jay Cutler Says That Attending Couples Therapy With Kristin Cavallari Has Helped His On-Field Performance

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Not often do you hear of professional athletes admit deficiencies, whether it be on or off the field of battle. Egos often don’t allow for self reflection or admitting some level of defeat, especially publicly. This is because we’re men–we typically deny our feelings and act like we have answers.

This is why I was quite surprised to hear Bears quarterback and resting bitch face frontrunner Jay Cuter open up to the Chicago Tribune about his off-the-field struggles and the courageous measures he’s taking to right the ship with Kristin Cavallari, his wife of almost three years.

Jay told the Tribune,

“We have somebody on staff here. Kristin and I have done couples therapy also. I’ve never met with a quarterback guy or any (mental coach) in that regard. But just couples therapy and meeting with Gloria (Balague), who’s our in-house sports psychologist, you start getting insight on some things. You start seeing things differently. That definitely has helped me deal with stuff.”

In the interview, Jay seemed less guarded, more retrospective, and dare I say likable?

“I’m more thankful I’ve gotten to that point. I’m not surprised. You look at your 2006 self when (I) came into the league and it’s a drastic change. But if you’re not trying to get better in certain aspects of your life, you’re just going to stay the same. I think we can all improve. Things at home, things in your life away from work, if they’re not in order, it’s definitely going to affect your professional business.

Good for you Smokin’ Jay. We’re rooting for you. But if you and Kristin break it off, tell her to hit me up whenever. I don’t have much going on.

Thank you @thescottycunha and @spencerbarnesla for my hair and makeup last night 😘

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