After Telling Fans To ‘Shut Up’, Jay Cutler’s Wife Kristin Cavallari Is Now Getting ROASTED On Twitter

I hate to say I told you so, but, Kristin Cavallari, I told you so. Hmm, actually I don’t hate it. Go figure.

As you may recall, after the last Chicago Bears game, Cavallari decided to talk a little smack to the fans about how well her husband did versus the Vikings on Halloween.

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As a fan of the Chicago Bears I tried to give her a little advice because I knew where this was all headed…

Yes, I know your husband, Jay Cutler, made his triumphant return to the starting lineup last night. And yes, I know that the 1-5 Bears somehow beat the 5-1 Vikings 20 to 10 on Monday night.

And it’s okay to be excited about that and to be super proud of him, don’t get me wrong. That’s great!

But the Bears are now only 2-6 and your hubby’s QB rating, even with last night’s performance is a rather pedestrian 85.7.

What I am saying is that you might want to just dial it back a little bit talking trash on social media about how great your husband Jay Cutler is.

Yes, I did just quote myself.

I also told her that it would not end well for her, because (a) Jay Cutler is not a good quarterback and (b) when he inevitably flops she’s going to have people ALL UP IN HER BUSINESS.

Fast forward to Sunday and we have Jay coming out of the game versus the Bucs with a stellar 55.1 QB rating and two picks.

Guess who was ready on Twitter to let her know about it? (Hint: Everyone)

Like I said a couple of week ago, just take your own advice and everything will work out just fine, Kristin.