Celtics Star Jayson Tatum Is Getting Dragged By Boston Fans For Rooting For His Hometown Blues

Jayson Tatum Getting Dragged By Boston Fans For Rooting For The Blues

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Jayson Tatum plays professional basketball for the NBA’s Boston Celtics. He was also born and raised in the city of St. Louis, Missouri.

The St. Louis Blues defeated the Boston Bruins, in Game 7, in Boston, Wednesday night to win the city its very first Stanley Cup, 52 years after the team began play in the NHL.

You can see how this turn of events might create a bit of a quandry for the 21-year-old Celtics forward. Not that it should have, but sports fans being sports fans, it did.

Because when Tatum celebrated the Blues long-awaited NHL championship, Boston fans were definitely not in the mood for it.

“Listen I got nothing but love for the city of Boston and the bruins!” Tatum wrote on Instagram. “But St. Louis will always be home I can never go against the grain! Where I’m from there isn’t much to celebrate or be happy about! This brings the city joy and brings positive attention that we rarely ever get! With so much negative attention for many different reasons it’s rare we get this opportunity. With that being said CONGRATS to @stlouisblues ST LOUIS WE LIT!!!!!!!!”

Then the very rational negative comments came, and immediately drew an audience.


In fairness, a lot of Celtics fans did not completely lose their minds after seeing Tatum’s messages and were very gracious losers.

Yeah, I think they will be okay. A lot of us out here would kill for our teams to just be good enough to finish second.