MLB Mystifies Baseball People Yet Again As J.D. Martinez Is Somehow Not Named An MVP Finalist

JD Martinez Not AL MVP Finalist

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Sunday night, Major League Baseball announced its annual Gold Glove Award winners… during the Patriots vs. Packers game. That’s right. You may have missed it while watching Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, but MLB thought it would be the best time to announce one of their big annual awards because, well, they’re Major League Baseball.

Even a rookie in the league pointed out the idiocy of the timing, as St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty took to Twitter to question MLB’s thinking.

“You know what’s great… is that they decided to do these awards during a Sunday night football game between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady,” wrote Flaherty. “I’m sure most of people are locked in to the awards.”

No way Major League Baseball could top that decision for stupidity this season, right? Of course they can!

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On Monday, Major League Baseball somehow manage to make an even more inexplicable decision when they announced the finalists for American League MVP and they left Boston outfielder/designated hitter J.D. Martinez off the ballot.

That’s right. The guy who finished first in the American League in RBI (13), second in the American League in home runs (43), batting average (.330) and slugging (.629), third in runs (111), OBP (.402), and OPS (1.031), and won the World Series, wasn’t deemed worthy of being among the three men eligible for the award.

Instead, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America announced they would be Mookie Betts, Jose Ramirez and Mike Trout. All solid players who had good years, but, hello?

There was also another common theme to the reactions

Yeah, we don’t get it either, J.D.

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