Jeff Fisher Cut Deon Long For Bringing A Girl Into His Training Camp Dorm Room, As Revealed On ‘Hard Knocks’

Last week, news broke from Los Angeles Rams training camp that Jeff Fisher was cutting wide receiver Deon Long. It was pretty abrupt news considering that (a. camp had just started and (b. Long was signed by the Rams at the end of the 2015 season.

On the first episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks, we found out why: Because Long brought a girl back to his dorm room at UC-Irvine, blatantly violating a “no guests” rules Rams head coach Jeff Fisher established just a few days before.

Jeff Fisher isn’t fucking around. Multiple times in the effort he declare he doesn’t want to go 7 and 9 with the Rams now in L.A. So he’s quick to establish a precedent at how he’s going to lead the team. Rules are rules, even when it’s a booty call.



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