Jeff Saturday Wins NFL Fans Over With Classy Message To Colts

Jeff Saturday

Getty Image / Justin Casterline

The Indianapolis Colts finally hired a new head coach in former Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Shane Steichen.

After re-tooling the coaching staff, this franchise hopes to get back into title contention soon.

Although, throughout the hiring process, the Colts were given a ton of flack for giving Jeff Saturday a chance. Especially since his run as the interim head coach didn’t go over too well.

With that in mind, Saturday won over football fans everywhere after he sent a classy message to the Colts for hiring Steichen as the new head coach.

Just absolute class. Even though he’s not going to be the long-term head coach of the Colts, Jeff Saturday proves to be a great example of a human being.

Additionally, NFL fans are all for it too.

Jeff Saturday is always welcome in Indianapolis.

Will Saturday go back to ESPN?

Lucas is very grateful.

So, the Colts move on with a new head coach while Jeff Saturday wins the football world over again. Hopefully, we see him back on ESPN, as he’s a solid analyst.