Jim Irsay May Have Slipped Draft Plans In Excitement To Hiring New HC

Jim Irsay

Getty Image / Justin Casterline

The Indianapolis Colts finally hired their new head coach in Shane Steichen. They hope he can help right the ship sooner, rather than later.

However, during an interview, Jim Irsay may have revealed the Colts’ draft plans in the excitement of hiring Steichen.

According to Albert Breer, Irsay made a comment about Indianapolis needing a young quarterback to develop.

Look, we all know the Colts need a quarterback. But making that publicly known the way Jim Irsay did isn’t great. Now, every team knows their plans.

Apparently, general manager Chris Ballard tried to smooth things over by joking the team might trade back in the draft. However, Jim Irsay made it clear he likes Bryce Young, per Kevin Bowen.

Young is a projected top-two pick. So if the Colts really want him, they’d likely have to trade up to the number one pick.

If anything, Jim Irsay’s possible slip-up is good news for the Chicago Bears. Multiple teams are needing a quarterback and they already have one in Justin Fields. So, they’re likely to receive some offers for the top selection of the NFL Draft.

We’ll see how it plays out. We’re still months away from the draft. Either way, it sure sounds like the Colts are looking to draft a quarterback this season, all thanks to Jim Irsay.