Jenn Sterger Dogged Brett Favre During ESPYs Over His Reaction To Caitlyn Jenner

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Ah, yes, Brett Favre.

One of the all-time best quarterbacks in NFL history, the Ol’ Gunslinger became royalty for taking chances on the football field, firing the pigskin between tight windows and playing with the heart of a fucking champion.

After becoming every football fans’ worst nightmare thanks to his flip-flopping during his final days in the NFL, Favre became the nightmare of a certain Jenn Sterger in 2010, when, as a sideline reporter for the New York Jets, she received more than a few dick pics from the future Hall of Famer.

While the fiasco was an absolute nightmare for everyone involved, Sterger seemed to bear the brunt of it all, derailing a, potentially, promising broadcasting career because Favre was an old hornball.

Well, after five years of waiting for the absolute perfect moment to cop some revenge, Sterger may have finally done it at tonight’s ESPY Awards. as Caitlyn Jenner was walking up to the stage to accept her “Arthur Ashe Courage Award,” cameras caught a glimpse of Favre, clapping his hands and then, wait for it, rubbing his hands together as if he was up to no good.


Not one to waste the moment, Sterger responded on Twitter in the most fitting fashion ever, dogging Favre with a massive, one-two punch for the knockout.

Jenn Sterger may not have been nominated for an ESPY Award last night, but she may have won the show with this.

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