Even ‘Jeopardy’ Contestants Are Now Clowning The Warriors For Blowing A 3-1 Lead In The NBA Finals


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The Golden State Warriors better hope they win an NBA Championship real soon if they ever want people to stop reminding them that they blew a 3 to 1 lead in last season’s Finals.

I mean, I thought it was bad when I saw someone at one of the Presidential debates making fun of the Warriors…

Then it got even more hilarious when someone trolled them again at one of the women’s marches…

But now, Jeopardy contestants are doing it too?

Yes, yes they are.

And if Mr. Loren Lee Chen keeps on winning it’s just going to get worse.

On Tuesday, Chen won $19,899 and in Final Jeopardy made a very subtle dig at the Warriors. See if you catch it…



See it? $739. 73-9. But wait, he wasn’t done.

The next day Chen won $16,139 and this was his wager during that Final Jeopardy…



$301. 3-1. Verrry subtle.

Oh yeah, Chen also just happens to be one of the folks who run the site On the NBA Beat so he knew exactly what he was doing.

Like I said, Golden State needs to win an NBA Championship like yesterday. Hilarious.

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