Jeremy Lin Finally Returns To Relevancy Thanks To Atrocious Man-Bun

Jeremy Lin rose to stardom in New York and then quickly sunk like a Newman cannonball in Houston and with the Lakers. But he’s in Charlotte now and I’m quite certain he’s officially BACK. And his triumphant return to stardom comes entirely due to the street-slicked man-bun living atop his troubled head.

What’s worse, though: Lin’s man-bun that was seemingly birthed from a kitchen hairnet or Spencer Hawes laughing it up in the background, housing a man-bun of his own? Pretty sure it’s a tie for SHAVE YOUR FUCKING HEADS.

To the surprise of no one, Lin’s hair has already become a smash hit on social media.

Here it is in action, making it look more and more like a disturbing combination of Carlos Boozer’s hair cap and a spruced up version of Lego Hair.

Sadly, even Lin’s criminally absurd profile photo on Basketball-Reference is still a notch or two above the abomination he’s presented us with this evening.

[H/T Complex]

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