Jerry Jones Must Be High Out Of His Mind, Says Brandon Weeden Is ‘A Gifted Passer’


TMZ Sports

Whatever the hell Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones smoked this morning, it must’ve been the REAL good shit, because ol’ dude is out of his mind after what he said about his new starting quarterback, Brandon Weeden, who’s filling in now that Tony Romo is injured with a broken clavicle.

Talking to 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, JJ actually said something that might just convince the other 31 NFL owners that he has lost his sanity and he’s too unfit to continue running a pro sports team.

According to a tweet from Jon Machota, Jones actually said these words:


Uh, what?

Has Jerry forgotten that Weeden was a former first-round bust who has thrown 27 touchdowns to 28 interceptions in his three-plus years in the league? Oh, and he also happens to be a 31-year-old quarterback who should probably be bagging groceries instead of starting for America’s Team.

I’m sure Jones is just trying to inspire his backup, but, damn, Jerry, lay off the sticky icky stuff when doing it.

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