Jerry Jones Takes Massive Shot At Jason Garrett: ‘That’s 100% [On] Coaching’


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Yet another remarkably average Dallas Cowboys season continues, as “America’s Team” fell to 6-5 following a 13-9 defeat to the New England Patriots.

And while there is no shame in losing to Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots, the way that the Cowboys bowed out yesterday was particularly embarrassing.

With less than six minutes to go in the game and his offense down in the Red Zone, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett elected to “play it safe” and kick a field goal to cut the lead to four instead of trying to tie the game at 13 with a touchdown.

Ultimately, while they would eventually get the ball back again, the Cowboys failed to score, leading to them losing by four.

After the game — which was filled with head-scratching coaching decisions and questionable clock management — Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was fired up as he was speaking to reporters, especially about the team’s coaching staff.

“It’s having players ready. Special teams is nothing but coaching. Special teams is effort. Special teams is savvy. Special teams is thinking,” Jone said.

“Special teams is a total reflection of coaching. To me, special teams is 100 percent coaching. It’s 100 percent coaching. It’s strategy. I don’t think there’s a game where a coaching staff couldn’t do better. I don’t like that we’ve got so many [this year] as I’m standing here tonight.”

Luckily for Jerry Jones and Cowboys fans across the countries, despite their 6-5 record, they remain in position for a playoff spot as they still remain atop the pitiful NFC East. And if the Cowboys make the playoffs, who knows, maybe they’ll let Garrett have another shot at it again next year. Fingers crossed.


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