Jerry Jones, Once Again, Gets Roasted For Delusional Comparison Between Dak Prescott And Tom Brady

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, for at least the third time since 2019, compared his quarterback Dak Prescott to NFL legend Tom Brady.

In October of 2019, Jones said Dak Prescott, then in his fourth year in the league, reminded him of Tom Brady.

When asked if Prescott reminded him of Troy Aikman or Tony Romo, Jerry replied, “Oh, I think he’s neither. I really do. I think he’s more like Brady.”

Then, in September of last year, Jerry Jones said, “There’s a lot of me that sees the excellence Tom Brady is about, how much he focuses on the nuances of the game, I see those characteristics in Dak.”

Fast forward to this past week during the NFL Combine, and, you guessed it, Jerry Jones was once again comparing Dak Prescott to perhaps the greatest quarterback in the history of football.

“Where we are, if we don’t have Dak, I’m not so sure that seeing what we see or don’t see this year is as material as you might think,” Jerry Jones explained, using his strange sense of logic.

“It’s just one… it’ll be one of his… what will it be, his fifth year, sixth?”

“Eighth,” someone off camera replied, then there appeared to be some uncertainty about how many years Prescott has been playing.

“But my point is, it’s one of eight, it’s one of seven,” Jerry continued, further confusing everyone. “It is not the year of his career.

“I’ve really felt for quite awhile that Dak has the ability… I don’t want to dare do this to Dak or me or anybody, but I think just as Brady became, in my mind, better and better and more impactful on how they won as he got into his career, I think Dak really has those qualities. I think he can get better.”

NFL fans, especially those who root for the Cowboys, were definitely not in tune with Jerry Jones’ Dak Prescott-Tom Brady comparison.

“Brady’s best statistical season was his 7th year, Dak just played his 7th year,” another fan tweeted, correctly.

“Tom won the Super Bowl in his 2nd 4th and 5th years…this Jack Wagon is delusional!” someone else wrote in response to Jones.

Jerry Jones also, during his 90 minute media session from the Cowboys’ team bus on Friday, explained why it’s harder now to give Dak Prescott the same quality of teammates he had when he first came into the league.

“When Dak first got here we had one of the best offensive lines, in my mind, that had been put on the field in a long time. And he had that, and so we had skill around him, especially offensively.

“Well, when you do what you do today and you invest in a quarterback the way you do with these premium quarterbacks [the supporting case] is diminished, that’s automatically has to be diminished.”

Jones continued, “So when you ask me [about] the supporting case around him, it’d be hard to get to a supporting cast the way he did when he started his career.”

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