NFL Fans React To Weird Video Of Jerry Jones Calling People ‘My Subjects’ From Atop A Balcony

NFL Fans React To Video Of Jerry Jones Calling People His 'Subjects'

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  • Jerry Jones decided to call people his ‘subjects’ while standing above them on a balcony.
  • The video is both cringe and somewhat funny at the same time.
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Jerry Jones is 79-years-old, and like any other 79-year-old man, he can put off some odd vibes every once in a while. Take earlier this week for example, when he walked to the edge of a balcony and called the people standing below him “my subjects.”

At the end of the day it’s just an old man having some fun, not causing any harm whatsoever, but the “my subjects” hits a bit different coming from a guy that’s worth north of $10 billion.

The hand-raising as he utters the words “my subjects” really takes things to a whole new level. You add the forced laugh from the “subjects” below and you have yourself a good few seconds of cringeworthy content.

NFL fans shared some hilarious reactions to the odd video of Jones: