Jerry Jones Saw The Video Of Brandon Cooks Flying A Plane And He Was Not Happy About It

Brandin Cooks of the Dallas Cowboys

Getty Image / Tom Hauck

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has seen the viral video of wide receiver Brandin Cooks flying a plane over Seattle with teammates Stephon Gilmore and Micah Parsons and he was none too pleased.

Speaking with the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Jerry said he’d have had some words for Brandin Cooks had he known that the wide receiver would take ‘the best part of the team’ up in the air over Seattle prior to the Cowboys’ preseason game against the Seahawks.

After seeing the video above, Jerry said “One thing I want to do is chastise Cooks for getting in that airplane with the best part of the team and flying up there with him. I was glad I didn’t know that was going on. I would have to tell him part-time pilots, in my mind, are not the way to go.”

At practice on Tuesday, Cooks admitted he hadn’t seen Jerry Jones yet since the video went viral but went on to say that he wouldn’t be flying during the NFL regular season. Cooks said “I haven’t seen him yet, but if I was him I’d feel the same way. He’s got a lot of money invested in the guys in that plane.”

Brandin added that there was a ‘veteran pilot’ in the plane with them and it wasn’t just the three Cowboys stars up in the air by themselves. He went on to say ‘that was probably the last flight of the year,. I’d obviously never do anything like that during the regular season. We’ll get back to it after February.”

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was also asked about the viral video. He joked that Brandin told him they ‘had a parachute’ up there but went on to say that Brandin Cooks is definitely someone that can be trusted, though he too questioned the decision of ‘taking the whole crew’ up in the air.

Clarence Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star Telegram goes on to say that Brandin has logged over 250 hours of flight time. For reference, it can take a minimum of 30 hours of flight training for a recreational certificate, 40 hours for a private pilot certification, and up to 250 hours (120-250hrs) for a commercial aviation certificate according to Paragon Flight.

Taking that into consideration, former Oregon State All-American and Biletnikoff Award winner Brandin Cooks has a considerable amount of flight time under his belt. But that doesn’t mean that Jerry Jones, the man signing all of their checks, has to like it.

Collectively, Brandin is making $12,000,000 this season, Stephen Gilmore is earning $9,980,000, and Micah Parsons is set to make $2,212,708. That’s a LOT of money invested by the Cowboys owner in that trio.