Jerry Rice Shakes It On Stage With G-Stringed Go-Go Dancer

NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice proved that, on the field of play, he had some of the best game anyone has ever seen in football, as he won three Super Bowls and broke basically every single league receiving mark known to man.

Hell, even though he caught passes from guys, he’s still considered to be, arguably, the best player in the game, reinventing the receiver position.

Grabbing 1,549 catches in his career—which is, yet another, one of his many league records—Jerry Rice may have made one of his best ever, grinding up on stage with this g-stringed go-go dancer as they shook it to Future’s “Fuck Up Some Commas” in Harrah’s Lake Tahoe at Peek Nightclub.

For anyone who watches that Dancing with the Stars show, you know that Rice has put on some moves in the past—he finished second in his season in 2006—but this is something that’s straight out of the fucking Magic Mike bible, not wasting time in getting a little raunchy with the chick.

Following a celeb golf outing in Tahoe, it looked like Rice was ready to swing his club on a different course during the night—and it involved him stripping off his shirt with this babe to do it.


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