Jets Garrett Wilson Goes Viral With Epic Troll Of Broncos Coach Sean Payton

Garrett Wilson and Tatum Talboo

Ethan Miller/Getty Image

Jets‘ standout Wide Receiver, Garrett Wilson, took the opportunity to poke fun at Broncos coach Sean Payton’s unconventional pre-season rules during the Week 1 games.

Payton imposed four awfully stupid rules for his team ahead of Week 1 of pre-season, those caused quite a stir and it seems Wilson found the perfect way to respond.

Payton’s rules included mandates such as players having to remove their uniforms once they were done playing, a ban on wearing sunglasses, a prohibition on sporting Gilligan hats, and a restriction on conducting interviews during the game.

These rules had drawn both amusement and criticism from fans and players alike.

During the Jets’ game against the Panthers in Week 1, Garrett Wilson seized the opportunity to hilariously troll Coach Payton by breaking all four of the mentioned rules on the sidelines.

Denver and New York have had an on-going feud so far this pre-season.

He playfully stripped off his uniform after his playing time, donned a pair of sunglasses and a Gilligan hat, and even managed to give an impromptu interview during the game.

Social media platforms exploded with reactions as the images and videos of Wilson’s antics spread like wildfire.

Fans from all over praised his lighthearted dig at the Broncos coach, finding humor in his playful rebellion against the “stupid rules.”