Sean Payton Imposes 4 Of The Dumbest Possible Rules On Broncos Players In NFL Preseason

Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton at practice

Getty Image / Andy Cross / The Denver Post

Sean Payton is set to coach his first NFL Preseason game as Head Coach of the Denver Broncos on Friday when Denver faces the Arizona Cardinals. His players will have to follow some odd new rules the coach came up with.

The former Super Bowl winning coach ‘retired’ from coaching in January 2022. But Sean Payton‘s retirement only lasted a year and he’s back with the whistle in Denver, coaching for a storied franchise with a new ownership group, and coming up with foolish rules for his players to abide by.

According to Grayson Weir at Outkick, Sean Payton laid out his idiotically Draconian rules during media availability at yesterday’s training camp. The four rules, none of which are necessary, are as follows:

1. Players must take off their uniforms after they are done playing.
2. They are not allowed to wear sunglasses.
3. Bucket hats (or as Payton called them: Gilligan hats) are strictly forbidden.
4. Players, regardless of status, are not allowed to take interviews during the game.

It sure would make for a spicy preseason storyline if a member of the media were to ask Russell Wilson about his and Ciara’s pregnancy announcement on the sidelines on Friday. Russell and Ciara announced on Tuesday that they are expecting their third child together.

Seeing how Sean Payton would respond to a former Super Bowl winning quarterback speaking with the media during a meaningless NFL preseason game would, indeed, be interesting. Because based on the rules outlined above, the rules only exist to ensure every player falls in line.

All of that said, I 100% support Sean Payton’s ban on bucket hats. They are, in my humble opinion, the worst form of hat. I’d rather be forced to wear a fedora for a hundred days straight than spend one minute in the presence of someone wearing a bucket hat.

Sunglasses banned? Really? What if they bring a doctor’s note from home for Sean Payton to approve? Is there any nuance here or is Coach Payton just going to blow his whistle and make everyone do jumping jacks if they don’t listen?

What would happen if a player, instead of taking their uniform off, instead decides to wear clothes to hide their uniform like Sean Payton did when he wore the Roger Goodell ‘clown’ shirt back in 2019?

We’d sure love to see what would happen if the head coach who benefitted unbelievably from Drew Brees in NOLA and a soft NFC South doesn’t get 100% compliance from his new Denver Broncos players.

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