Jets’ Jamal Adams Shoves Cam Newton During His ‘SuperCam’ Touchdown Celebration

by 11 months ago

Things are getting a bit heated between the Jets and Panthers early on. In the second quarter of this weekend’s Panthers-Jets game, Cam Newton easily scored on a play-action bootleg on the 1-yard line. After the touchdown, Cam stood in the end zone for about twenty seconds before doing his customary “Superman” celebration. For whatever reason Jets rookie Jamal Adams got pissed and ended up shoving Cam mid celebration.

Before the game, Jets defensive end Mo Wilkerson and coach Todd Bowles warned their team about containing Cam in the pocket because he’s a triple threat on offense

I think just not letting him, as people say, put the cape on his back and make all those plays he normally makes,” defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson said of the key to stopping Newton. “Whether it is getting out of the pocket and scrambling, just Cam being Cam. We have to make sure we keep him in the pocket and he doesn’t have explosive plays.”

“He presents all challenges – run game, pass game, out of the pocket, in the pocket, deep ball, short balls. hand the ball of, run the ball himself,” coach Todd Bowles said. “He’s a good football player. He’s one of the quarterbacks that has all facets.”

it’s pretty simple, if you don’t want Cam celebrating touchdowns play better defense and he keep him out of the end zone.

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