Jim Carrey Takes Awesome Picture Aboard Iowa High School Baseball Team’s Bus

Coach Jesse Jablonski and his players stopped by the BK for ice cream after their final game of the regular season, a 7-1 loss to Fairfield.

The coach didn’t want his players to badger the actor, so as the boys filed out of the restaurant with their ice cream cones he went back to where Carrey was standing to make sure all of his students were aboard the bus.

But Carrey ended up following him back to the bus.

“Hey, let’s do this picture!” Carrey told the team as he bounded into the middle of the Pella players.

Carrey held up seven fingers to help record the 7-1 score of that day’s disappointing defeat. And what he may have yelled just before the photo no doubt gave the high school kids a laugh.

The team had been understandably dejected, losing its last regular game — on the heels of a three-game winning streak. So Carrey offered an instant morale boost above and beyond ice cream.

“Obviously, after that happened, the loss and the game were the last things on their minds,” Jablonski said.

That’s a pretty awesome turn of events and just another example of why the line between heaven and Iowa has always been a blurry one.

[H/T: Des Moines Register]