One Of Jim Harbaugh’s Personal Goals For 2021 Is To ‘Not Be Scared Of Being Fired’

jim harbaugh goals for 2021

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The year 2020 was not too kind to Jim Harbaugh. Let’s not forget that on the first day of the year his Wolverines were smacked by Alabama in the Citrus Bowl. Then, you fast-forward to the Fall, you have the Big Ten almost cancel its football season, Harbaugh fights for the conference to actually have a season, then Michigan proceeds to go 2-4.

The only bright spot of 2020 for Michigan was that it didn’t have to play Ohio State and lose to the Buckeyes for the ninth time in a row.

Michigan decided to sign Harbaugh to a new contract, albeit one with a smaller salary, and now the Wolverines head coach has his sights on 2021. In fact, he wrote out his six personal goals for 2021 and the final one on the list is to literally not be scared of losing his job.

He shared all six of his goals during a virtual event with the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association.

1. Raise all those with whom I come in contact. Put players and staff in position to be successful in life and in football.

2. Create an atmosphere in the work place that supports teamwork, friendship and winning (an atmosphere that brings joy each day we come to work).

3. Develop and administer a process (Plan) that supports TEAM success and winning.

4. Be a member of the 2021 Big Ten and National Champion Michigan Football Team.

5. Treat others as I would want to be treated and create a personal relationship with all those I come in contact.

6. Do not be scared of any man, moment or circumstance or being fired.

The wording alone, how it looks like at the last second he decided to add the ‘being fired’ part, is hysterical.

Look, I’m all for people writing out personal goals. After getting through 2020, it’s probably not a bad idea for everyone to write down some goals for the new year, but for someone like Harbaugh that’s in that sort of spotlight and a not so comfortable spot in Ann Arbor, maybe don’t write about being scared of losing your job.