Jim Harbaugh Remains Nuts, Goes To Great Lengths To Impress Four-Star Recruit

Michigan Wolverines head football coach has been hitting the recruiting trail this year and, holy shit, has he made headlines in doing so.

After last week it was announced that Harbaugh was having a slumber party with a fucking kicking recruit in order to try and convince him to sign with the Wolverines, a new story dropped this morning that showed just how determined the former UMich quarterback is at turning things around in Ann Arbor.

That’s because, this time, Harbaugh wanted to impress four-star cornerback recruit David Long that he hiked up his signature khakis and rolled up his sleeves to climb a tree—which Long, like every fucking millennial would, capturing it on Snapchat.

I mean, we all knew Jim Harbaugh was more than just a little off-center, but who knew he was this crazy?

[H/T SI.com]