Jim Harbaugh Loves Pro Wrestling So Much He Wants WrestleMania To Take Place At ‘The Big House’

Jim Harbaugh crazy

In what might be a late entry as the least surprising news of the year, Jim Harbaugh has revealed that he loves professional wrestling.

The beloved Michigan Man called into a radio station earlier today and one of the topics that came up was WrestleMania, and the abundance of rumors that WWE’s signature event may be coming to Ford Field.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing that,” he said, explaining that his favorite wrestler is Ric Flair. “I went to school at the same time they (the Steiner brothers) were going to school and I consider myself friends with both the Steiner brothers. Had a chance to see them wrestle one time in Chicago. It was a big thrill to go to a match; I would go to another. Who doesn’t like a good wrestling match?”

Of course his favorite wrestler is Ric Flair and of course pro wrestling gets Jim Harbaugh all sorts of fired up. You’re gonna try and tell me THIS sociopath doesn’t love a good steel chair shot or someone flying through the Spanish announcer’s table?

Jim Harbaugh crazy

In classic Harbaugh fashion, he was so ecstatic about the idea of WrestleMania coming to Detroit, he called right back to suggest that “The Big House” serve as the venue.

“Why not the Big House? Why not? 140,000 — I bet we could get in there for Wrestlemania. They’re trying to break the attendance record at Jerry Jones’ stadium in Dallas. (There’s) a great Canadian presence in wrestling. Why not Michigan and the Big House?”

Harbaugh went on to say he would be more than willing to referee a match between Flair and Hulk Hogan, even though Hogan has been scrubbed from anything and everything WWE-related. But that’s not the point.

The key point here is the idea of Jim Harbaugh and Vince McMahon together in the ring — kicking off WrestleMania and firing up the crowd — becoming a fierce reality.

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