Booger-ghazi: Jim Harbaugh Doubles Down, Claims He’s Never Eaten A Booger In His Life, Footage Suggests Otherwise

This is already shaping up to be the finest off-field college football controversy of 2016, except that it technically took place on the field (it just didn’t happen in the game). On Saturday, the University of Michigan Wolverines squared off against the University of Central Florida (UCF) Knights. The Wolverines demolished UCF 51-to-14, which was expected as Michigan is a national contender this year and UCF is like the 5th best team in the state of Florida. It wasn’t the score which emerged as the biggest story of the game though, no, it was TV footage which appeared to capture Michigan’s head coach Jim Harbaugh pick his booger and eat it during the middle of the football game.

Instead of coming clean as the mouth-breathing Appalachian that he is and confessing to the eating of boogers, Jim Harbaugh has instead decided to double down and deny that he’s ever eaten a single booger in his entire life.

via The Sun:

“I have never eaten a booger in my entire life.

“It might have looked like that was happening. But if you rub your nose and then you bite your fingernail, that’s not eating a booger. There was no booger eaten.

“For clarity here, for the record, I have never eaten a booger in my entire life.”

That’s a pretty powerful statement for a man who can CLEARLY be seen eating his boogers on national TV right here:

I’m not sure if I respect the fact that Jim Harbaugh’s willing to hunker down in the face of undeniable evidence and profess his innocence because he’s a man of his word, or if I think he’s just being a total fucking idiot. From everything I’ve gathered about Harbaugh over the years he seems like a coach who 100% knows how to have fun with his players, so maybe he’s just waiting to drop a viral video PSA on eating boogers but he wants to build the media hype a little more…I just don’t know.

One thing is for certain: Jim Harbaugh ate his mother fucking boogers during the UCF game and now he’s lying about it. Lying in the face of indisputable evidence is not a very good example to set for your players, is it Jim?

…h/t The Sun