Jim Irsay’s List Of 5 Greatest NFL Players Of All Time Had Notable Omission

Colts owner Jim Irsay

Getty Image / Justin Casterline

Yesterday, the football world suffered a heartbreaking loss.

After learning of the death of Jim Brown, people around football took to social media to share their thoughts on one of the greatest running backs to ever play the game.

One of those people was Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay.

He tweeted out his list of the 5 greatest NFL players of all time, with Jim Brown taking the top spot on the list.

It likely didn’t take most football fans long to notice that there is one very surprising name missing from this list.

Jim Irsay left Colts legend Peyton Manning off the list.

Not only did he leave him off the list, but he has John Elway as the 3rd player on the list over him.

It’s a surprising move when Manning would be a popular selection for this list, but is especially surprising considering he is the greatest player to ever suit up for the Colts and brought them their first ring since 1970.

It’s also a take that doesn’t really have much to back it up.

Manning was clearly better statistically. In just one more season played, Manning threw for 20K more yards and 229 more touchdowns than Elway. He also had a significantly higher completion percentage throughout his career and holds the records for single-season passing yards and passing TDs.

Manning has a clear edge when it comes to awards as he holds the records for most MVPs and most All-Pro First Team sections in spite of the fact that he spent most of his career going head to head with Tom Brady.

You can’t even make the argument that Elway was more of a winner as the two men have the same number of Super Bowls and Peyton Manning has a much better career winning percentage.

It seems that wasn’t enough for his former owner to include him on this top 5 list.