Jim Irsay Continues to Be Coolest Owner In Sports, Mails a Fan $8,500 In Cash Money

Hey, a bet is a bet, even when it’s made on Twitter.

On Sunday afternoon, Colts owner Jim Irsay Tweeted that he’d pay $8500 cash to the person who guesses the closest score of the AFC Championship Game:

The winning Twitter guess: 27- 14 Ravens, hitting the one-point cushion. The Colts fan with the winning guess explained what happened on PhantasyTour, a Phish message board:

Air_SoftG_Gordon: yeap this guy right here, He tweeted out $8500 for winner of Pats/Raven exact score with 1 point cushion for both teams for final score/1 guess only by 6:30 P.M. est. I guess 27 14 ravens and bam won it.

he direct message me on twitter to email me my info and was told I will be contacted on tuesday

​Yeap it is true was sitting at the bar watching san fran atlanta game when i saw the tweet and was the first numbers that came in my head

So, Jim Irsay is insane, he just sent me 8500 in cash money


He then posted this picture of his cash payout from Irsay, complete with a letter that reads:

“Jason, Congratulations again on winning a Twitter contest. Enclosed you will find your prize which consists of $8,500.00. Please continue to follow me on Twitter and thank you for your continued support. Go Colts!”


Once again, Colts owner Jim Irsay is the man, even if he dresses like a wild man on occasions.

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