Jim Brought Pam’s Ex From ‘The Office’ To Game 7 Of The Stanley Cup Final, But She Shut Him Down With Perfect Responses

Jim Brought Pams Ex From The Office To Game 7 Of The Stanley Cup


When it was officially determined that the Boston Bruins would be taking on the St. Louis Blues in the NHL Stanley Cup Final, one of the first things fan of The Office realized was that the series was going to be a Jim vs. Pam affair.

Two other people who quickly realized that were none other than the people who played Jim and Pam, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer. Also… Stanley Cup?

The two of them each hit up social media to trade a little trash talk before Game 1, starting with a tweet by Krasinski.

On it went from there with the two of them trading friendly barbs throughout the series.

Even their boss Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) got in on the Stanley Cup trash talk.

Turns out Krasinski was subtly referring to this tweet by Fischer prior to the series starting.

Because Wednesday night… this happened.

Fischer, however, ended up getting the last laugh… in more ways than one.

Score one for Miss Pam Beasley.

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