Jim Rome Calls CBS Sports Network ‘Idiots’ For Bumping His Show’s Telecast For Swimming

jime rome cbs sports network swimming video


  • Jim Rome isn’t too pleased about his show’s telecast being bumped for swimming.
  • Rome sounded off against the CBS Sports Network calling them idiots before somewhat awkwardly walking back his comments.
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Jim Rome’s radio show is telecast on CBS Sports Network every weekday from noon to 3 PM EST, but you won’t be able to watch Thursday’s full show nor Friday’s.

Why? Because his show is getting bumped for swimming and he’s not happy about it.

“You idiots are going to preempt the show for swimming? Stupid,” Rome said.

Rome should’ve just gone full Ben Stiller from ‘Friends’ and screamed ‘idiot’ into the mic.

The funniest part of the clip is Rome immediately realizing that calling the network that graciously streams his radio show ‘stupid’ and ‘idiot’ may not have been the wisest of moves.

Rome, seconds after calling the network idiots for bumping his show for actual live sports, says “I don’t have a problem with it, I mean, I don’t.”

“What I really can’t control is what the CBS Sports Network does during these hours and I don’t have a problem with it. I mean, I don’t,” Rome explained.

“They have other properties. Other things they have in addition to the Jim Rome radio-slash-TV show. Including swimming. So yes, on the TV side we are going to go away for hours two and three. And you will get swimming instead of me. Maybe that’s an upgrade in your mind. Maybe it’s an upgrade, period.”

Whatever you say, Rome, whatever you say.