Jimmy Garoppolo Failed His Raiders Physical, Team Can Move On From Him At ‘No Cost’

Jimmy Garoppolo

Ethan Miller/Getty Image

Las Vegas Raiders‘ quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has reportedly failed his physical examination with the team.

The news was first reported by Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, who also obtained Garoppolo’s contract, shedding light on a critical clause known as Addendum G that addresses a foot injury suffered by the quarterback during the 2022 season.

Addendum G, presented as a waiver and release, contains several significant provisions. The first paragraph acknowledges that Garoppolo would not have passed the team’s physical examination without the waiver, as it specifically addresses the preexisting injuries in his left foot, including a fracture of the base of the second metatarsal and issues with the middle cuneiform bone.

Moreover, it states that the club would not have entered into an NFL Player Contract with Garoppolo due to these injuries. It was this very injury that allowed backup quarterback Brock Purdy to step in and take the field in Garoppolo’s absence during the 2022 regular season.

The second paragraph of Addendum G highlights that Garoppolo willingly acknowledges and accepts the risks associated with further injury, including the possibility of permanent disability, as he continues his professional football career.

More importantly, the third paragraph of the waiver signifies Garoppolo’s voluntary assumption of all risks involved in continuing to play despite his existing condition.

The fourth paragraph reiterates Garoppolo’s waiver of any claims against the Raiders, the league, and other relevant parties pertaining to the foot condition. This provision shields the team from potential legal consequences arising from the injury.

The fifth paragraph establishes the protocol for resolving disputes regarding the injury and the conditions specified in the waiver. It states that any such disputes will be resolved at the discretion of the club’s physician. However, the player retains the right to seek a second medical opinion.

In essence, the contract ensures that the Raiders have the option to terminate the agreement without further obligation at any time if it is related to the Waiver and Release outlined in Addendum G.

The waiver will become null and void only if Garoppolo passes a physical examination, is active for at least one regular-season game, and does not experience a re-injury to his left foot as described in the addendum during the 2023 season.

Originally, Garoppolo’s contract included an $11.25 million signing bonus along with an $11.25 million base salary for the 2023 season. However, due to the foot injury, the Raiders decided to eliminate the signing bonus, converting the entire $22.5 million into base salary for the year.

Nevertheless, Garoppolo will not receive any payment until he passes a physical examination. During this interim period, the team holds the authority to release him “for any reason related” to Addendum G.

The removal of the signing bonus and the inclusion of Addendum G provide context for the delay in finalizing Garoppolo’s contract. Additionally, this opens the possibility that the quarterback may never take the field for the Raiders and could potentially go unpaid by the team.

Given his failed physical examination, Jimmy Garoppolo’s future with the Las Vegas Raiders remains uncertain.

If he does not pass a physical examination before the start of the season, the team reserves the right to part ways with him at no cost.

This report indicates that the Raiders maintain the flexibility to move on from the contract until Garoppolo fulfills the specified requirements or proves his fitness by actively participating in a regular-season game.