Jimmy Garoppolo’s Market Expands After 2 More Teams Express Interest

Jimmy Garoppolo

Getty Image / Ezra Shaw

NFL free agency is right around the corner, as the tampering period begins on March 13.

Plenty of teams across the league have a need at quarterback and it sounds like Jimmy Garoppolo is drumming up a nice market.

It’s already been reported that the Houston Texans are interested in potentially signing the veteran quarterback.

But now, according to Ian Rapoport, the Las Vegas Raiders and Carolina Panthers are expressing interest in potentially signing Jimmy Garoppolo.

It’s important to note that all three teams listed here have a draft pick within the top 10. Also, each landing spot makes perfect sense for Jimmy Garoppolo.

Additionally, neither team has a starting-caliber quarterback on the roster. With that in mind, Jimmy Garoppolo could be viewed as the perfect bridge quarterback in case these teams draft a rookie.

With Jimmy Garoppolo clearly generating interest, it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Things are becoming more and more interesting in the NFL by the day. With that in mind, the free agency period should be a wild ride for football fans.

He’s proven to be a solid quarterback through the years. He’s good, but not great. Even so, he can certainly be a solid filler for a team having issues at the position.

That’s especially true if said team has a rookie quarterback they want to develop. With that said, Jimmy Garoppolo could find himself in a similar situation he was in with the San Francisco 49ers.