Jimmy Garoppolo Appears To Shoot His Shot At Erin Andrews After Niners Go 8-0 By Beating Arizona Cardinals On ‘TNF’

Fox Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are still undefeated and Jimmy Garoppolo’s confidence is at an all-time high right now.

In his game against the Arizona Cardinals on ‘Thursday Night Football’ Jimmy G balled out and threw four TDs which included over 300 yards passing to lead the Niners to their eighth straight victory.

Jimmy Garoppolo was feeling himself so much that he got a bit too excited during an exchange with Fox Sports host Erin Andrews which led many to believe that he was openly flirting with her during the postgame interview.

Erin Andrews: 8-0 how does that feel?

Jimmy G: Feels great, baby.

Erin: Ohhhhhh

Then Jimmy Garoppolo flashes a cool smile while trying to exit the entire scene like a smooth operator. But that didn’t happen. Instead he crashed right into a Cardinals player walking in the same direction. Almost perfect, Jimmy. Almost perfect.

Shooters shoot. And Jimmy Garoppolo is a shooter, no doubt. With this kind of unbridled confidence under center, there is no doubt in my mind that the 49ers will win the Super Bowl by 50 this year.