JJ Redick Thinks ‘Golf Is The Greatest Sport’ Ever And Perfectly Backs Up His Theory

J.J. Redick Thinks 'Golf Is The Greatest Sport' Ever, Is Fully Addicted

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  • JJ Redick is addicted to the game of golf.
  • Since retiring from the NBA, Redick says he’s found his new obsession.
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JJ Redick announced his retirement from the NBA just four months ago, but it didn’t take him long at all to realize that he’s going to have to find something to scratch his competitive itch. The game he found was golf, which he believes is the greatest sport ever created.

That’s saying a lot given just how much the game of basketball has meant and given to him and his family over the years. Nevertheless, Redick has completely immersed himself in the game of golf and is clearly enjoying the journey.

Redick recently spoke with Sean Zak over at GOLF and got honest about how he jumped into golf in order to help with some of his own personality flaws that kept him occupied during his NBA days.

“I need something in retirement that is going to scratch some of these personality flaws that I had — i.e., obsession, OCD, you know, some form of addiction,” Redick explained.

“I was addicted to basketball. I was addicted to the routine of going to the gym and getting my shots up and working out. I played cards in the NBA. Who am I going to play cards with, and have my $20 bet with? I need some of that. I need some action. And golf fulfills all of that.”

It makes sense, Redick having to scratch that competitive itch in a different way now that he’s retired from hoops.

Why Golf Is The Greatest Sport, According To JJ Redick

Redick could, and probably still does, play a fair bit of basketball and could walk onto any random court in the country and get buckets, but with golf he’s starting an entirely new process. It’s a constant competition against himself, and against others, in an entirely different setting.

It’s why golf is the greatest sport, according to Redick himself.

“This is why I think golf is the greatest sport,” Redick said. “You are competing no matter what you set up. Whether you’re playing a solo round, you’re playing a member-member, a member-guest, you’re playing a match on a Saturday with three buddies — you’re competing against something or someone, you’re competing against the course.”

“And with golf, because you’re keeping score and because there’s a handicap system, you’re always competing against yourself. You’re always doing that.”

No wonder Redick has such a successful podcast, he’s just as good with words as he is at hitting free throws.