J.J. Redick Admits He Was ‘Sort of a Prick’ at Duke

by 6 years ago

Redick admitted that much in an enjoyable interview with the site yesterday. The shooting guard—who, believe it or not, is a likeable pro's pro now—said that he was “sort of a prick” during his time at Duke. He went on to say that he totally understood where the hate came from.

Money quotes:

[It was worst] at Maryland. That’s when there was still a rivalry there, dating back to the Miracle Minute and Maryland winning in 2002. It was pretty heated for my first couple years there…. I probably deserved [the heat.] I was sort of a prick.”

“I think I created this persona on the court to deal with the antics of the other crowd, to kind of combat that. It’s not who I was. It was never who I was. I look back on that, especially my first two years, and I probably deserved a lot of the animosity.”


If you care to think any more about why you hate J.J. Redick, and Duke as a whole, Foreign Policy of all outlets just wrote a really interesting analysis that compares Duke hatred with worldwide anti-Americanism. No, the mag didn't say, “If you hate Duke, you hate America.” Just give it a read. It explains a lot.

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