JJ Redick Embarrasses ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith For Second Week In A Row During NBA Debate And Fans Loved It

Former NBA player JJ Redick is gaining a lot of fans as he continues to be aggressive when responding to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith’s hot takes on ESPN’s First Take.

Last week, Redick went viral when he made the First Take host look dumb for saying LeBron “has never been feared” by opposing players.

“I don’t know whether to believe that you believe what you’re saying,” “If you’re talking physical confrontation, nobody’s ever challenged LeBron like that. Why would they? … I played against LeBron for 15 years. LeBron has grown up in a completely different world [than what] existed in the ‘80s and ‘90s. There was no First Take in the ‘90s. Could you imagine, in the New York Knicks series, MJ going to Atlantic City the day before the game and coming home at 2 a.m.? Social media, this show, that’s all you would talk about for days.”

On Tuesday, Redick once again went at Stephen A. and called his latest take on the Phoenix Suns “asinine” which made Smith angry.

NBA fans loved that Redick was challenging Smith and his dumb basketball takes.