JJ Watt Follows In The Steps Of Ryan Reynolds In His Next Endeavor

JJ Watt

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

JJ Watt announced his retirement from the league before the end of the 2022 season. However, it sounds like he’s making some big decisions with his wife, Kealia.

The future Hall of Famer dropped a video of himself and his wife announcing their next plan, and it seems they’re following in the footsteps of Ryan Reynolds.

Here’s the video of Watt teasing that he’s “un-retiring.” However, he’s not rejoining the NFL. Instead, he and his wife are becoming minority owners of a soccer club in the Premier League.

Kealia Watt is popularly known as a soccer star across the globe. For that reason, it makes sense why the Watt’s decided to become minority owners in Burnley FC.

It appears that Ryan Reynolds and Robert McElhenney may have created a trend. However, those two formed together to outright buy a lower-level soccer club that had just recently earned a promotion.

JJ Watt’s soccer team is currently in the EFL Championship. They’re in first place and seem to be heading for a promotion to the Premier League sooner, rather than later.

This is an exciting endeavor for the Watt family. Sure, they’re minority owners in the club. But it’s still a cool investment to make.

Especially now that Burnley is certainly on its way to the Premier League.

Additionally, it seems the fans of Burnley FC are more than happy to see JJ and Kealia Watt becoming minority owners.

The fans are welcoming them with open arms!

Yeah. The Watt’s are going to fit in just fine.

With that said, congratulations to JJ and Kealia Watt for investing in a soccer club!