Twitter Lost Its Damn Mind Trying To Figure Out WTF Was On Joc Pederson’s Neck During The Home Run Derby

Twitter Wondered What Was On Joc Pederson Neck During Home Run Derby

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Los Angeles Dodgers star Joc Pederson put on one heck of an amazing display of power during the 2019 MLB Home Run Derby, going bomb-for-bomb with Vlad Guerrero, Jr. in the most epic round in the history of the event, before being eliminated in the second overtime round.

If you didn’t watch it Monday night when it happened, you should watch it now. It was incredible.

Epic, right? Pederson would end the night hitting 60 home runs in two rounds and didn’t even make the finals, but all Twitter wanted to know was what the hell was that on the back of his neck? Well, everyone but Magic Johnson who felt the need to tweet this important bit of information…

Never change, Magic. As for the rest of the Twitterverse…

And it did.


There really should be.

Pretty much.

There were literally dozens of more tweets about Pederson’s neck, but you get the idea.

According to the experts on such things over on Reddit, those things on Pederson’s neck were either where he plugs into the matrix, the hook ups for a TENS machine, nicotine patches, nipples for nursing his litter, Venom injection sites, or intracutaneous acupuncture needle patches.

I am guessing it was that last one, but I am not ruling out the possibility that he gets injected with Venom like Bane.

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