Joe Buck Doing A Play-By-Play Of Everyday Life As If They Were Sporting Events Is Exactly What I Need Right Now

Joe Buck

Getty Image / Ray Tamarra/GC Images

I asked my colleagues this morning (on Slack) if anyone had watched even a second of ESPN in the past week outside of The Ocho and most of them just laughed. it off. The complete lack of sports has been wild.

Things have gotten so dire that I’ve been watching Marble Racing on YouTube (there’s a Joe Buck x Marble Racing clip below btw)! And I just suggested to my brother-in-law that we purchase some racing Hermit Crabs to pass the time.

Joe Buck gets it. He might be one of the top-3 most polarizing announcers in professional sports. I like the guy, a lot of people don’t. But even some of those dudes that hate Joe Buck are probably going to find these clips of him enjoyable where he’s announcing mundane life as if they were sporting events.

Allow yourself to relax for a minute and let Joe Buck take you to a place where sports exists even if it’s just in our minds. Here he’s narrating ESPN’s Mina Kimes’ dog playing fetch:

Joe Buck narrating dudes grilling wings is the EXACT type of content I need in my life right now.

This clip of Joe taking on marble racing is my favorite so far.

This person is very clearly not struggling to stay busy at home right now. Good for them.

Joe Buck adds his voice to these bizarre darts throws that probably resulted in a shit ton of holes in the wall before we ever got this clip.

Sorry, Patriots fans. This one isn’t for you.

This one is excellent.

I don’t know if you guys have been experiencing this as well but the fact that Twitter keeps showing me ‘Live Game’ feeds at the top of their Trending section despite every single one of those games being postponed feels like salt in the wounds. Someone needs to hop on their scheduler and delete those trends because the games sure as shit aren’t happening.