Report: ‘No Doubt’ Joe Burrow Will Become The Highest Paid QB In NFL History

Joe Burrow

Michael Owens/Getty Image

In a development that could reshape the landscape of quarterback contracts in the NFL, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is poised to become the highest-paid player in the league’s history.

According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, negotiations have commenced between the Bengals organization and Burrow’s agents, indicating a strong push to secure a groundbreaking deal.

“I’m told the Bengals have made their initial push to sign Joe Burrow,” Adding that: “Burrow will no doubt be the highest paid player in the NFL once his deal gets done.”

Fowler reports that the Bengals have taken the first steps in the negotiation process with Burrow and his agents. Acknowledging the complexity of such deals, Fowler anticipated that there would be extensive back-and-forth discussions and counterproposals.

However, the Bengals are determined to make progress swiftly, recognizing the significance of finalizing Burrow’s contract in order to shift their focus to other team-building endeavors. It is evident that the organization is keen on securing Burrow’s services for the long term and is prepared to invest heavily to make that happen.


The current record for the highest annual salary in the NFL belongs to Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens, who signed a five-year, $260 million extension in late April. This deal translates to an average annual salary of $52 million, setting a new benchmark for quarterback contracts. Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles also secured a lucrative contract extension, signing a five-year, $255 million deal in mid-April with an average salary of $51 million per year.

Given the recent trend of escalating quarterback contracts, it is widely expected that Burrow’s impending deal will surpass the $52 million mark set by Lamar Jackson.

Burrow has shown tremendous potential since entering the league, displaying exceptional skills and leadership qualities that have had a significant impact on the Bengals’ performance. The team’s willingness to invest heavily in securing his talents further underscores his value and the belief in his ability to lead the franchise to success.

Burrow himself has expressed confidence in the negotiation process, stating, “I’m pretty clear on what I want in the contract and what I think is best for myself and the team.” These comments suggest that Burrow is aware of his worth and is committed to reaching an agreement that aligns with his vision for the team’s future.

Alongside Chargers Justin Herbert, Burrow remains one of the two quarterbacks from this offseason’s batch of market-setting extensions, highlighting his status as one of the league’s premier young quarterbacks.

During his last two seasons, Burrow has amassed an impressive record, throwing for 9,086 yards and 69 touchdowns. He has also led the Bengals to back-to-back AFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance. His outstanding performance on the field earned him a fourth-place finish in the MVP voting for the 2022 season.

The Bengals have already exercised Burrow’s fifth-year option for the 2024 season, valued at $29.5 million, demonstrating their commitment to his long-term presence on the team.

Should the Bengals and Burrow’s representatives reach an agreement, it will solidify his position among the NFL’s elite players and establish a new standard for compensation. In an ever-evolving league with rising salary caps, Burrow’s potentially record-breaking deal could herald a new era of mega-contracts, emphasizing the value placed on exceptional quarterback performance.

While specific details and figures of Burrow’s contract remain undisclosed, the consensus is that it will exceed Lamar Jackson’s $52 million per year. The significance of Burrow’s contract negotiations cannot be understated, as they have the potential to reshape the financial landscape of the NFL and cement his place as one of the highest-paid players in the history of the league.