The Los Angeles Angels Fired Joe Maddon The Day After He Got A Ridiculous Haircut To Try And Break The Team’s Slump

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  • The Los Angeles Angels fired manager Joe Maddon on Tuesday amid a 12-game losing streak
  • Before he was fired, Maddon decided to cut his hair into the mohawk to break the team’s slump
  • Maddon never got to show the team his insane new haircut
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It’s been a rough week for former Los Angeles Angels manager Joe Maddon.

The Angels fired Maddon on Tuesday during a 12-game losing streak that saw the team drop from first place in the AL West to out of the playoffs.

Joe Maddon Had A Crazy Plan To Break The Angels’ Losing Streak

Before he was fired, Maddon had one last plan to break the team’s slump. He decided to cut his hair into a mohawk.

The problem, however, was that Maddon was fired before the team could ever see his new hairdo. Had the Angels known of Maddon’s plan, perhaps they would have kept him onboard. Instead, they dropped two more games under interim manager Phil Nevin. Nickelback couldn’t even help break the slump. Shohei Ohtani eventually carried them to victory to break the streak.

Naturally, Twitter was very curious about how Maddon’s mohawk turned out.

It also didn’t stop Twitter users from roasting Maddon, who is probably sitting at home somewhere very sad and very bald.

Maddon is a two-time World Series winner. He one once with the Marlins in 2002 and then again win the Cubs in 2016. He’s also still highly regarded among many in the Major Leagues. So the odds are he’ll have another shot at finding weird ways to break a team’s losing streak. Godspeed, Joe.