Joe Rogan Watching Himself On EA Sports ‘UFC 2’ With Hannibal Buress Narrating Is Why I Love The Internet

I love this clip. Just two rich ass good friends dicking around while one of the rich dudes gets to see himself for the very first time in a video game and instead of critiquing his physique or physical features in anyway Joe Rogan‘s almost entirely concerned with the fighting ethics within the game. Even though he won the fight Rogan’s not cool with the game itself allowing him to hit the other fighter in the head while he’s unconscious on the ground.

It just goes to show that Rogan’s not a man of bullshit, but if you’ve ever listened to his podcast or seen him on TV (or follow him on Twitter) then you already know that. As a man who lives and breathes UFC from the periphery it’s not shocking at all that he’d be offended by the slight lack of realism. By the way, if you’re interested in picking up a copy of ‘UFC 2’ by EA Sports you can scoop it on Amazon right now for just $39.43.

On the other side of this clip we’ve got Hannibal Buress, one of my favorite living comedians. A few years ago I got to see Hannibal do the opening set for a Louis C.K. show in Manhattan which had been rescheduled after the first performance was canceled due to some hurricane. Hannibal killed it, as expected because he’s funny as hell. He’s the perfect comedic balance to Joe Rogan’s genuine concern over his video game character attacking a defenseless fighter.

In other news, if you’ve never seen Joe Rogan talk about the drug DMT just take a few extra moments here and check it out: