Boise State Football Rocked By Hotel Urination Scandal

According to Southwick, he is accused of urinating off of a balcony at the team hotel.

Southwick tells KTVB that, in fact, it was another player who had done it. He said he had gone out Thursday evening and when he returned to the hotel, he witnessed a player urinate off the balcony.

He went to bed that night and it wasn't until the next the morning when he found out about the accusation.

A short time later, he was informed that he was being sent home. 

Southwick claims he tried to reach administration several times after being dropped off at the airport, to no avail. He even says he went so far as to take a polygraph purportedly proving he wasn't the urinator. 

This whole story is depressing. If a star collegiate athlete can't arc some piss out a hotel window on the university's dime, what's the point of all the hard work and practice?

Keep your rules off our bathroom, NCAA. 


[Photo via Brian Losness/USA Today Sports]