Joel Embiid Wants To Be An All-Star For The Noblest Of Reasons: For A Shot At Banging His Celebrity Crush

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Sixers star Joel Embiid is one of the most delightful new additions to the NBA over the past couple of years. Not only is he a tremendous player, he provides almost as much entertainment off the court as he does on it.

When he isn’t trolling Chandler Parsons (constantly) on Instagram he’s doing stuff like wearing his own jersey to the club and hitting on famous celebrities on Twitter.

One of those celebrities Embiid has hit on in the past is Rihanna and he still hasn’t given up hope of hooking up with her some day.

In fact, Embiid thinks that if he becomes an All-Star this year he might just have a realistic shot with her.

Why does he think that? Well, back in 2014 he said that he tried to hook up with her and she told him to come back when he’s an All-Star…

So now he’s been hitting up his Twitter followers to vote for him to help him achieve this very noble dream…

Embiid even made a point to mention his “crush” during a post-game interview last week. He didn’t give away her name, but come on, we all know who it is. TMZ even said that according to their sources it is definitely Rihanna.

Can’t say as I blame him for trying after watching this…

#KISSITBETTERplatinum ⚓️⚓️⚓️ @craigmcdeanstudio

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So, if Embiid does make the All-Star team this year will she follow through on what she told him in 2014?


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