Joel Embiid And Karl-Anthony Towns Throw Punches, Ben Simmons Puts KAT In A Chokehold In Intense Fight

NBC Sports Philadelphia/NBA

While it may only be the fourth game of the 2019-20 NBA regular season, some of the league’s teams are already in midseason form, as Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns threw punches during Wednesday’s night game between the Philadelphia 76ers and Minnesota Timberwolves in Philly.

Obviously, both Towns and Embiid were tossed from the game following the altercation.

After Embiid and Towns got into it, the scrap continued, with Ben Simmons ending up on the floor holding Towns in a chokehold.

Embiid, always such a showman, made sure to gas up the crowd on his way out, as he had a quick shadowboxing session on the sideline before exiting the court.

The 76ers have started this season hot, as they currently sit atop the NBA’s Eastern Conference at 3-0. The Timberwolves have also gotten off to a fast start, as they are currently second in the Western Conference at 3-0.

As for suspensions, the 2018 fight between the Lakers and the Rockets — particularly Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo — resulted in various lengths. Brandon Ingram was suspended for four games, Rondo was suspended for three games, and Chris Paul was suspended for two games.

Both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Minnesota Timberwolves resume their season on Saturday, as the Sixers will take on Damien Lillard and the Portland Trailblazers in Oregon, while the Wolves will host the Bradley Beal and the Washington Wizards in Minneapolis. It’s safe to say that neither team will have the services of their various All-Stars the next time they take the court.



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