John Cena’s Impersonation Of Hulk Hogan Is The Best Acting He’s Ever Done



One can argue that John Cena is the biggest attraction in WWE right now, so it’s no surprise that the dude knows how to draw a crowd.

With Hulk Hogan and the organization no long on speaking terms after The Hulkster’s racist and homophobic slurs went public back in April, that doesn’t mean some of WWE’s superstars aren’t having fun mocking the guy—and Cena just did it to perfection.

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Appearing on last night’s episode of Maya and Marty, Cena joined Eva Longoria—who played Rosie Perez—to give a spot-on Hogan impression that will make you crack the fuck up, brother!


Cena has had some memorable acting roles in the past—like that awkward sex scene in last summer’s Trainwreck—but nothing beats him having some Hulkamania.

I’m sure Hulk wasn’t too happy with the mockery but, who gives a shit, because the guy’s about to rake in millions from his winning lawsuit with Gawker, so he can laugh at himself all the way to the bank.